Judy Hoctor Voice Over

Vocal Profile

Voice Description

Warm * Friendly * Professional * Clear * Inspirational * Informative * Educational

Industry Specialties

E-Learning, Narrations, Software Tutorials, Industrial Videos, Webinars, Commercials


Judy's diverse experience in the legal field, software and oil and gas industries, and non-profit sectors provide the background for her to deliver on-time, in budget, and polished, professional results. Judy's friendly, approachable sound and style are widely used for corporate or warm and nurturing spots. She is versatile, easy to work with, and reliable.



Voice Over:

On-Camera Acting:


Vocal Study: Adair Hockley

Studio Capabilities

Home Studio

Set up for dry voice auditions

Professional Studio

Access to full broadcast quality studio in Houston, Texas (The Editing Company)

Contact Judy

Email: judy@judyhoctor.com
Telephone: 832-236-3560 (Central Time Zone)


Commercial Demo

Narration Demo